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Drew Graham
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Looking for the perfect way to carry your knife safely and conveniently? Look no further than the Knife Holster Back! This innovative product is designed to keep your knife in place while you’re on the go, whether you’re camping in the wilderness or tackling everyday tasks. In our roundup article, we’ll review some of the top knife holsters on the market, helping you make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs.

The Top 10 Best Knife Holster Back

  1. Cross-Embossed Tan Leather Knife Sheath with White Lacing Details — Add style to your belt with this Nocona Embossed Cross Tan Leather Knife Sheath, featuring high-quality leather construction, an embossed cross design, and a convenient belt strap.
  2. Brown and Turquoise Knife Holster with Floral Design — Elevate your pocket knife game with the Nocona Leather Knife Sheath, featuring a beautiful brown and turquoise design, floral piercings, and a secure 1–1/2 inch belt fit.
  3. Kabar Leather Sheath with Patchwork Design — Add style and durability to your knife with the expertly crafted Kai Tan/Brown/Black Patchwork Kabar Leather Sheath, featuring a unique touch of natural leather variations while fitting perfectly with any small trapper knife.
  4. KA-BAR Large TDI Knives Sheath with Velcro Straps — Securely hold and transport your KA-BAR Large TDI Knife with the durable, hard-shell leather sheath, complete with adjustable Velcro straps for optimal fit and convenience.
  5. Premium Hair-On-Hide Full Grain Leather Knife Sheath — Handmade in Antigua, Guatemala — Handcrafted from high-quality hair-on-hide Full Grain Leather, this Belt Mora Knife Sheath is an exceptional and thoughtful gift, sourced and made in Antigua, Guatemala.
  6. Orange Kydex Pocket Knife Sheath for Buck 110/112 — Efficiently and securely carry your Buck 110 or 112 pocket knife with the Clip & Carry belt holster, featuring a durable kydex construction for added convenience and ease of use.
  7. Premium Quality Leather Pocket Knife Holster for Men — This luxurious Oxford Xcel leather cross draw pocket knife holster offers both style and functionality, crafted with the perfect balance of strength and elegance.
  8. Embossed Cross Pancake Knife Sheath by Nocona — Enhance your western style with the Nocona Embossed Cross Brown Knife Sheath, featuring a pancake shape and securing to your belt with ease.
  9. Reliable Mid-tech Knife with Black Sheath by ESEE — Experience rugged reliability with the ESEE-3 Black Sheath with Clip Plate, meticulously crafted in the USA for unparalleled durability and cutting efficiency.
  10. Professional Knife Carrier Backpack for Chefs — Organize and protect your essential kitchen tools with the stylish and durable Chef Pack Knife Holster Backpack, designed for the modern chef on the move.


Cross-Embossed Tan Leather Knife Sheath with White Lacing Details


It was a sunny afternoon when I decided to test out the Nocona Embossed Cross Tan Leather Knife Sheath. As soon as I held it in my hands, I was impressed by the genuine tan leather and the intricate embossed cross design. The sheath felt sturdy and well-made, perfect for my daily knives.

One aspect I particularly liked was the white leather lacing details which added a nice touch of elegance. However, one downside was that it took a little bit of effort to slip the knife in and out of the sheath, which proved to be slightly inconvenient at times.

Overall, this Nocona knife sheath made a great addition to my belt, and I found it to be a reliable and stylish choice for carrying my knives around.

Brown and Turquoise Knife Holster with Floral Design


The Nocona Leather Knife Sheath from M&F Western Products is a beautifully crafted accessory for your pocket knife. With its unique brown and turquoise design, it adds a touch of elegance to your daily carrier. The exterior measurements of 3–3/4 x 2 inches provide a snug fit for most standard pocket knives, and it even accommodates up to a 1–1/2 inch wide belt.

The sheath features a flap pocketclosure securely held in place by a buckle. Made of high-quality leather, this sheath is durable and long-lasting, making it a perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. The turquoise underlay and turquoise buck lace edge give the sheath a unique style that sets it apart from the rest. Overall, I’ve found that this sheath is an excellent investment in both style and functionality.

Kabar Leather Sheath with Patchwork Design


Lately, I’ve been carrying a Kai Tan/Brown/Black Patchwork Knife Sheath in my routine. This stunning piece is more than just a container for your blade. It’s an elegant, intricately designed accessory that adds a touch of class to my daily activities.

The sheath’s patchwork design is unique, with intricate patterns that stand out when I slip the knife in. The fit is just right for a small trapper, ensuring the blade remains secure even during rough usage.

However, the slight leather color variations are worth mentioning. While it might seem like a fault, it highlights the uniqueness and organic aspect of this product, making it my own one-of-a-kind sheath, which I appreciate.

Overall, this Kai Tan/Brown/Black Patchwork Knife Sheath adds a sense of style to my routine. Its durability, combined with the patchwork design, makes it an alluring accessory that turns heads wherever I go. That said, the color variation might not be for everyone, but it adds character to this product.

KA-BAR Large TDI Knives Sheath with Velcro Straps


I recently got my hands on this KA-BAR TDI Sheath, and let me tell you, it’s made my life a whole lot easier. I’ve been carrying a KA-BAR Large TDI Knife with me for a while now, and having a reliable sheath has been crucial.

First off, the sheath itself is a true work of art. It’s crafted from hard materials, giving it a solid and durable feel. Plus, the black color makes it easy to blend in with your surroundings, which is a massive plus when you’re out and about.

But the real gem of this sheath is the way it fits the KA-BAR Large TDI Knives, with options for the #1482, 1483, 1485, and 1489 models. It’s like a glove made just for your knife, ensuring it stays snug and secure. And let’s not forget the Velcro straps included — they’re a game-changer, making it easy to attach and detach the sheath when needed.

That being said, the sheath and Velcro straps only can be a bit of a double-edged sword. While they certainly make it easier to attach and detach the sheath, it may not be the most secure option for some users. However, I found that as long as I pay close attention to securing the Velcro, my knife stays in place just fine.

Overall, the KA-BAR TDI Sheath is a great addition to any KA-BAR Large TDI Knife. It’s sturdy, easy to use, and fits the knife perfectly. I’ve never had to worry about my knife slipping out of place, and I think you’ll feel the same way once you give it a try.

Premium Hair-On-Hide Full Grain Leather Knife Sheath — Handmade in Antigua, Guatemala


I recently started using the Belt Mora Knife Sheath, and I must say, I’m a fan. Made from soft and attractive hair-on-hide full grain leather, this sheath adds a touch of elegance and durability to my belt. Its local origins in Peten, Guatemala, add a unique cultural touch to its aesthetics. The artisans of Antigua, Guatemala, put their craftsmanship into each product, resulting in a high-quality sheath that’s a perfect fit.

I especially love how it’s made from hair-on-hide leather, which gives it a warm, rich texture. It’s lightweight, so it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to my belt. And the fact that it’s built to last a lifetime makes it a worthy investment. However, it’s worth mentioning that hand washing is the recommended method of care to ensure its longevity.

Orange Kydex Pocket Knife Sheath for Buck 110/112


I recently tried the Clip & Carry sheath for my Buck 110/112 knife in orange, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer in my daily routine. This practical kydex holster securely holds my pocket knife on my belt, making it easily accessible whenever I need it.

One of the highlights of this belt holster is its sleek design that blends well with various styles of belts and pants. Additionally, it’s made of sturdy materials, which ensures that the sheath and my knife are safe even when I’m on the move.

However, the clip system sometimes requires a bit of extra effort to secure the sheath on to the belt, especially when I’m in a hurry. It would be even better if it could be more user-friendly in terms of ease of attachment.

Overall, the orange clip & carry sheath has been an essential companion for my Buck 110/112 knife, and I’m happy to have it as part of my camping gear.

Premium Quality Leather Pocket Knife Holster for Men


I’ve found myself reaching for this handmade leather pocket knife holster more often than not in my day-to-day life. The rugged yet luxurious feel of the Oxford Xcel cowhide leather is simply enchanting. The craftsmanship of this holster is impeccable, with its cross draw design making it incredibly convenient to access my pocket knife when needed.

The two belt slots ensure a snug fit, keeping my knife securely in place. The option to add a personal touch with custom laser engraving or monogram makes this holster even more special. However, the holster’s limitations in fitting knives wider than 1.75 inches could be a drawback for some users.

Overall, this handmade leather pocket knife holster beautifully combines style and function, making it a fantastic choice for the outdoor enthusiast seeking that perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

Embossed Cross Pancake Knife Sheath by Nocona


When I first heard about Nocona’s Embossed Cross pancake style knife sheath, I was intrigued by its unique design. As someone who frequently carries a knife, I appreciated the simplicity and practicality of a pancake style sheath. The sturdy belt loops were a nice touch, ensuring the sheath would securely stay in place.

While the leather seemed high quality and the floral embossing on the embossed cross was visually appealing, I noticed that it took a bit of time to remove the knife from the sheath. This made it slightly inconvenient during times where quick access was necessary.

Despite the minor hindrances, this pancake style knife sheath from Nocona provided a convenient and stylish option for those looking to securely carry their knives. It not only looked great with its embossed cross design but also provided easy accessibility when needed.

Reliable Mid-tech Knife with Black Sheath by ESEE


When I first started using the ESEE-3 Black Sheath with Clip Plate, I couldn’t help but notice its solid construction and the distinct feeling of quality. The black sheath felt sturdy and secure, ensuring my knife was safe and easily accessible at all times. The clip plate was a thoughtful addition, allowing me to simply attach the sheath to my backpack or belt without any hassle.

However, one aspect that stood out to me negatively was the fact that the sheath was made in the US. Although I support local manufacturing, I couldn’t help but feel a slight increase in price when compared to some other options available on the market. Nonetheless, it was a minor inconvenience, and the overall experience with this sheath was quite satisfying.

Overall, the ESEE-3 Black Sheath with Clip Plate provided a secure and reliable way to carry my knife. While there may have been some minor drawbacks, the positive aspects far outweighed the negatives. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, durable sheath, this could be the perfect addition to your collection.

Professional Knife Carrier Backpack for Chefs


As a reviewer, I have recently had the pleasure of using the Chef Pack Knife Carrier Backpack. This versatile backpack is perfect for the professional chef on the go, offering not only protection for your tools but also style to boot.

What stood out to me was the sleek abalone blue hue of the backpack, made from a durable, natural woven canvas. But what truly set this backpack apart was the adjustable shoulder straps and leather pockets, ensuring comfortable wear and easy access to your essentials.

While the Chef Pack is an excellent choice for those who commute via bike, motorcycle, or subway, it may not be the best option for those who frequently travel by air, as its size may exceed airline carry-on restrictions.

All in all, the Chef Pack Knife Carrier Backpack offers a perfect blend of functionality and style for the professional chef looking for the ultimate knife bag to accompany them on their culinary adventures.

Buyer’s Guide

Knife holster back is an essential accessory for anyone carrying a pocket knife or a folding knife. It provides a secure and convenient way to store your knife while keeping it easily accessible. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the key features to look for and provide some general advice on selecting the right knife holster back for your needs.


Materials and Construction

The materials used in the construction of a knife holster back play a significant role in its durability, comfort, and functionality. Common materials include leather, nylon, and polyester. Leather holsters are durable, comfortable, and provide a classic look. Nylon and polyester holsters are lightweight and easier to maintain, but they may not offer the same level of durability as leather.

Concealment and Carry Options

The level of concealment and carry options you require will depend on your personal preferences and the specific use case for your knife holster back. Some holsters offer minimalistic designs for a lower profile carry, while others provide a more robust look for easy access. Additionally, some holsters have a secondary compartment for storing additional items, such as a pen or small multitool.


Comfort and Adjustability

A comfortable and adjustable knife holster back is crucial for long-term use. Look for features like adjustable tension and belt loops to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Some holsters also incorporate a “cant” feature, allowing you to adjust the angle at which you carry the knife, which can help reduce strain on your wrist and arm.

Price and Value

The price of a knife holster back can vary significantly depending on the materials used, construction quality, and additional features. While a more expensive holster may offer premium materials and better build quality, a more budget-friendly option may still serve your needs adequately. Consider your budget and the importance of the features mentioned above when selecting the best knife holster back for you.



What is a Knife Holster Back?

A Knife Holster Back is a type of holster designed to hold and secure a knife on the back of a user. It typically features a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring that the knife is easily accessible and safe to use when needed. These holsters come in various materials, such as leather or nylon, and different sizes to accommodate a range of knife sizes and styles.

Knife Holster Backs offer a convenient and practical solution for individuals who require quick access to their knife while working, hiking, or engaging in other outdoor activities. They often feature a retention system, such as a strap or snap, that keeps the knife securely in place even during strenuous movements.


What are the benefits of using a Knife Holster Back?

There are several benefits to using a Knife Holster Back:

  1. Easy access: The holster allows you to quickly and easily access your knife when needed, eliminating the need to fumble around in a pocket or belt. 2) Increased safety: By keeping the knife securely on your back, you can reduce the risk of accidental injury to yourself or others. 3) Comfort: Many Knife Holster Backs are designed with comfort in mind, featuring a snug fit and lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down.
  2. Versatility: Knife Holster Backs are suitable for a wide range of activities, including hiking, camping, and outdoor work. They can also be used by professionals, such as emergency responders, who require quick access to their knife in a variety of situations. 5) Durability: These holsters are often made from high-quality materials that can withstand wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan for the product.

How do I choose the right Knife Holster Back?

When selecting a Knife Holster Back, consider the following factors:

  1. Knife size and style: Ensure that the holster is compatible with the size and shape of your knife. 2) Material: Choose a material that is durable, comfortable, and well-suited to the environment you’ll be using the holster in. 3) Retention system: Opt for a holster with a secure retention system that will keep your knife in place during strenuous activities.
  2. Comfort: Consider the fit and comfort of the holster, ensuring that it will not cause discomfort or irritation during extended use. 5) Brand reputation: Look for a reputable brand with a history of producing high-quality and reliable products. 6) Reviews: Read reviews from other customers to gain insights into the holster’s performance, durability, and overall satisfaction.

Are there any safety concerns when using a Knife Holster Back?

When using a Knife Holster Back, there are a few safety concerns to be aware of:

  1. Secure the retention system: Ensure that the knife is securely fastened in the holster and that the retention system is functioning properly. 2) Avoid accidental contact: Be cautious when wearing the holster around others, as the knife may accidentally come into contact with them.
  2. Check the knife regularly: Regularly inspect the knife for any signs of wear or damage, and replace the holster if necessary to ensure its continued effectiveness. 4) Store the knife safely: When not in use, store the knife in a secure location to prevent accidental injury to yourself or others. 5) Practice proper knife usage: Ensure that you are familiar with the proper use and handling of the knife to minimize the risk of injury.

How do I clean and maintain my Knife Holster Back?

To clean and maintain your Knife Holster Back, follow these steps:

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions: Many holsters have specific care instructions that should be followed to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. 2) Remove the knife: Carefully remove the knife from the holster to prevent damage during the cleaning process.
  2. Clean the holster: Use a mild, non-abrasive soap and water to clean the holster. Gently scrub any dirt or debris from the material, being careful not to damage any stitching or other features. 4) Air-dry the holster: Allow the holster to air-dry completely before reattaching the knife or storing it away. 5) Check the retention system: Inspect the retention system for any wear or damage, and replace the holster if necessary.

Do Knife Holster Backs come in different colors and styles?

Yes, Knife Holster Backs come in a variety of colors and styles to suit individual preferences and needs. Some common materials include leather, nylon, and ballistic nylon, while color options may include black, brown, tan, and olive green. Some holsters may also feature unique designs, such as camouflage patterns or custom logos.

When selecting a holster, consider your personal style, the environment you’ll be using the holster in, and the level of durability you require. Additionally, be sure to choose a color that complements the color of your knife, to ensure a visually pleasing and cohesive look when using the holster and knife together.